The Beginning of the End? Tracking Global Commitments on AIDS

In 2011, ONE and many of our partners including NGOs, thought leaders, and scientists rallied around the idea that we could see the “beginning of the end of AIDS” in our lifetimes.  We highlighted this opportunity as part of our ongoing AIDS campaign work and celebrated when a number of world leaders and influentials came together on World AIDS Day 2011 to champion this vision.

One year later, however, we are mindful that words alone are insufficient for enacting real change. In the lead up to World AIDS Day 2012, then, ONE has prepared a new accountability report to monitor progress made towards the beginning of the end of AIDS.  Specifically, the report tracks progress made on three key targets–the virtual elimination of mother-to-child transmission, 15 million people on treatment, and the drastic reduction of new HIV infections–and assesses the political, programmatic, and financial contributions made by a variety of stakeholders (traditional donors, African leadership, emerging economies, and the NGO/private sectors).

Much progress has been made across these three targets, and many stakeholders are making significant contributions to the fight against AIDS.  But ultimately, the report finds that without a heightened sense of urgency and without collective action starting in 2013, the beginning of the end of AIDS will remain a distant ambition, and millions of lives will hang in the balance.