Going for Goal: Immunization and the Case for GAVI


Just as the World Cup kicks off, GAVI will enter into a tournament of its own: a new fundraising effort to scale up its work and save even more lives through immunization. Fortunately, the Alliance is not starting from square one; it has proven that it can deliver results. For the 2011–15 period, GAVI has raised $7.3 billion from donors and has projected that it could support the immunization of nearly 250 million children, which would ultimately save the lives of nearly 4 million children. As of 2014, it remains on track – if not slightly ahead of schedule – to achieve both of these critical goals.

As we approach a replenishment year, then, the stakes are high for GAVI. Many questions remain: how will it secure the $7.5 billion it needs to be successful? How can it work with countries to improve equitable access to vaccines for the poorest and most marginalized people? Which donors will step forward in a big way? Which countries have health systems that are most likely to deliver services for all their children?

ONE looks at the countries playing in this year’s World Cup group by group through a series of country scouting reports and assesses their performance not on the football pitch but in the field of immunization. Every four years, the World Cup brings unforgettable moments, with outstanding performances and missed chances, familiar faces and new stars. Through the scouting reports, we hope to showcase the similarly diverse spectrum of countries, from North to South, that are contributing meaningfully to global immunization efforts – and we call on many of them to do more. For it is only when each of these countries delivers its best game in support of GAVI’s critical work that every child, regardless of where he or sheis born, can get a healthy start to life.